Our History

FCNCL began in May 2018 as a Working Group formed by Piedmont Friends Yearly Meeting [PFYM] (with participation from Piedmont Friends Fellowship [PFF]) to discern the feasibility of creating a state advocacy organization. We studied other states’ models and reviewed the structure of the National Quaker advocacy organization, the Friends Committee on National Legislation (FCNL). In April 2019 the Working Group recommendation that the Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation (FCNCL) be established was approved by PFYM and PFF. A Founding Document guided our formation and calls for FCNCL to operate autonomously but under the spiritual care of PFYM; we report at their interim and annual meetings, and they are available for support and advice.

In October 2019 the First FCNCL Annual Meeting was held, where clerks for an Executive Committee, Policy Committee, Communications Committee, and Nominating Committee were nominated and approved or named. Committees met to begin defining tasks and methods of communication. Early actions include (i) a request to Meetings to help us discern policy priorities; (ii) development of a communication network strategy for pushing out alerts; (iii) approval of an anti-racism statement; and (iv) work on a set of by-laws to guide our work. Invitations to meetings and individuals to participate are a continuing initiative.

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