January 2021

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 FCNCL is excited to be starting our second year. In anticipation of the 2021 legislative session, (mid-January-July 2021), we invite you to join us for a timely workshop, January 13th, 7-8 pm, to learn how our NC Legislature functions and how to contact your representatives. Bill Rowe of the NC Justice Center will be a presenter, and the program includes an interactive Q&A session. For more info email us at info@fcncl.org.

News from the Policy Committee. Please check out the Policy Committee’s Fact Sheets on our website. They reflect our priorities for legislative reforms in Healthcare; Criminal Justice Reform; Voting Ethics and Integrity; and Environmental Protections and Climate Change Mitigation. We hope you will use them as you advocate (by mail, email, phone call, zoom) and stay in touch with your legislators throughout the coming year. We continue to solicit help from Friends who have expertise in our priority areas. We would also welcome help from those who have IT expertise; graphic design talent; or editing skills. Please contact us at info@fcncl.org if you want to donate or contribute to our mission in any of these ways. 

Action Alerts. If you’re not receiving our alerts, please join us by going to FCNCL.org and clicking on the SIGN UP link. You can read past alerts on our website, too.  Please LIKE us on Facebook  — we have a page and a new group called Friends of FCNCL for Advocacy – and follow/join us to see alerts and other pertinent resources. We welcome your feedback, so let us know what you think!

Anti-racism Organization. This year FCNCL is launching a special Working Group to help us further our commitment to become antiracist and to promote antiracism in our work. Read our minute on anti-racism here. 

Learn More About FCNCL. The Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation advocates for NC policies that support people of all cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds; marriage and gender equality; violence prevention; civil and voting rights for all citizens; access to quality education opportunities; quality healthcare for all; an equitable and humane criminal justice system; environmental stewardship; and opposition to all forms of torture and extreme rendition. 

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