June 2020

News from Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation

 FCNCL* continues to grow in strength and numbers as we work to promote state legislation and practices that are consistent with Quaker values and testimonies.  With racial, social, and economic inequities intensified by COVID-19 and disturbing incidences of police violence and racism, there has never been a more compelling time to take action in NC!

 FCNCL has issued a minute on anti-racism** and has discerned criminal justice reform, electoral reform, environmental stewardship, and quality healthcare to be priority topics for legislative advocacy for this year. With the legislature convening this spring, we have issued three ACTION ALERTS urging friends to speak out on Medicaid Expansion and Improving Mail in Ballot Procedures. If you’re not receiving our alerts, please join us by going to FCNCL.org and clicking on the SIGN UP link. You will find the alerts posted there along with lots of other information. Please LIKE us on Facebook and follow us to see alerts and other pertinent resources. We welcome your feedback, so please let us know what you think!

 *If you’re just learning about FCNCL, it was founded in Spring 2019 and advocates for policies that support people of all cultural, religious and racial backgrounds; marriage and gender equality; violence prevention; civil and voting rights for all citizens; access to quality education opportunities; quality healthcare for all; an equitable and humane criminal justice system; environmental stewardship; and opposition to all forms of torture and extreme rendition.

 **Because FCNCL recognizes that systemic racism is a long standing and continuing problem, it has committed to continually work towards becoming an anti-racist faith organization. The FCNCL Minute on Anti-Racism includes the following statement: “We recognize that as individuals and Quakers we have too often been blind to our own failings and to the part we play in perpetuating structural and institutional racism. In committing to the work of becoming anti-racist, we know that confronting our failures will be difficult and painful. Guided by faith and grace, we are willing to accept this challenge and to do the necessary work. We see this work as essential if we are truly to live our Quaker testimonies and recognize that of God in everyone.”

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