July 2021

News from Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation (FCNCL).

We’ve been busy these past few months. FCNCL has been responding to the first long session of the NC General Assembly since we were founded. Eight Action Alerts, a flurry of Fact Sheets, two excellent workshops, and a growing mailing list speak to our level of effort. (Check us out at fcncl.org). If you’ve been following the legislature, you know that what we’re seeing isn’t business as usual. It’s clear that FCNCL can’t be operating that way either. At our next Annual Meeting (Oct 2, please join us!) we’ll be looking at expanding our mission to include both legislation and relationship building with North Carolina legislators. This means educating them and building influence over time. We’ll be engaging Friends in what we expect to be an active NC redistricting effort. With the General Assembly making dangerous decisions that will hurt the most vulnerable among us, its urgent that we amplify our efforts and build our collective power. If you’ve been curious about FCNCL but not active, tell us what it’s going to take to get you onboard (info@fcncl.org). Quakers have a long history of letting their lives speak in the political arena to bring a voice of conscience. FCNCL aims to build on that legacy, and we hope you’ll feel led to join us.

Learn More About FCNCL. We advocate for NC policies that support people of all cultural, religious, and racial backgrounds; marriage and gender equality; violence prevention; civil and voting rights for all citizens; access to quality education opportunities; quality healthcare for all; an equitable and humane criminal justice system; environmental stewardship; and opposition to all forms of torture and extreme rendition. We welcome your feedback, so write to us at info@fcncl.org and let us know what you think.

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