How We Work

FCNCL operates through the work of a General Committee, from which Executive, Policy, Nominating and Communications Committee members are drawn. The Working Group initiated an information and welcoming invitation initiative to quickly and comprehensively invite other NC meetings or individuals to participate as members (on the general committee, as clerks, or as alert recipients). Meetings were asked to recommend individuals to the General Committee, and individuals were also invited to self-nominate themselves. The General Committee has 36 members as of the end of 2019.

To discern legislative priorities, input from individuals receiving action alerts, members of Monthly and Yearly Meetings, and affiliated organizations is solicited. The Policy Committee uses the guidance they receive in this manner to recommend to the Executive Committee the legislative priorities that should guide the work of FCNCL for that year. Priority topics approved by the Executive Committee and recommended to the General Committee for approval at the Annual Meeting are likely to be those most strongly recommended from received input and are also those most relevant to the legislation likely to be considered by the NC General Assembly.

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