Engage With Us

All of our work is done by volunteers. If you’re clerking now or on a committee, we thank you for helping us as we all strive to fulfill the purpose of FCNCL  described on page 1.

If you’re not fully engaged yet, we hope you’ll feel led to contribute your time as you are able. Here are some ways to do that.

  1. Think about what you can contribute to our committee efforts. If you see one that would be a good fit for you, let Nominating Committee know.
  2. If you have topical expertise, we would appreciate your help on individual projects or on helping us       develop relationships with relevant organizations. Some of the projects we have on-going or envision are:
  3. Writing one-page fact sheets on sub-topics within our priorities: environmental concerns and      climate change; justifications for Medicaid expansion; aspects of improvements to voting integrity; aspects of criminal justice reform. You can see our existing fact sheets on our website.
  4. Writing and editing newsletters, emails, letters to the editor, or other communications
  5. Reaching legislators effectively via virtual lobbying or helping teach our participants how to do virtual lobbying
  6. Finding, evaluating and using communications technology such as Mailchimp and WordPress; and helping with communication strategy. We especially need a point person for Facebook, as our former manager stepped down.  
  7. Completing projects that employ graphical design – digital and conventional (i) letterhead; (ii) leave-behind pages; other ideas
  8. IT expertise for managing our website design and maintenance; database creation and maintenance; data analysis
  9. If you are affiliated with or have a relationship with other groups or individuals willing to work with us, and can help us broker those relationships, that would be a powerful contribution.

You can send an email to info@fcncl.org describing your interests, and we will get it your information to the right contact in FCNCL.

Finally, if something is missing from this list that you can do, please let us know that too!

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