2021 Year in Review

INTRODUCTION. Our mission is to help NC Quakers and allies advocate for NC legislation that is consistent with Quaker values. That “help” includes informing and educating them, but it also includes championing the notion that advocacy work matters. It includes convincing Meetings around the state that there is strength in numbers, and that Quaker faith in action is urgently needed to voice our values in solidarity with others who share them.

Begun in October 2019, this report reflects our Year 2 FCNCL progress. Our work is guided by a General Committee, an Executive Committee, and committees on Policy, Communication, Strategic Advocacy and Engagement, and Nominating.  Our aims for this year were to refine our alert system; improve supplementary information provided with alerts; increase engagement with FCNCL participants; map a strategic plan to guide our work; and revise our by-laws. In January 2021, at the request of the General Committee, we assembled a 10-member Antiracism Working Group. The Working Group is tasked with guiding us on a path that ensures our commitment to and actions around antiracism are sustained and continuously improved. We are indebted to the many committee members who have shared their talents and remain committed to advancing and improving what we can do. 

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