FCNCL is an organization of North Carolina Quakers advocating for legislation and good government practices that embody the Quaker testimonies of peace, simplicity, equality, community, integrity and stewardship.

Action Alerts – End of the 2022 Short Session Pile-up!

The 2022 North Carolina Legislative Session is scheduled to end June 30. A series of Action Alerts is being sent out to wrap up the end of the Session.

Progress on Forever Chemicals. A bill on “Forever chemicals” – aka PFAS (HB 1095) – is getting some renewed interest in the legislature, and for those who took part in our advocacy workshop back in January, there is a chance now to urge your legislators to support PFAS cleanup by polluters.

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Medicaid Expansion. A high priority for FCNCL this session was to encourage the Legislature to expand Medicaid. We sent out several action alerts over the past year, and we are pleased to hear that there is a good chance that movement on this important issue may be on the near horizon! This spring a House-Senate special committee met to consider this issue and invite speakers from Michigan, Montana, and Indiana to report on the successes and challenges in their states resulting from expanding Medicaid using Federal dollars from the health care law passed in 2010. While most emphasized how expansion is fiscally responsible and results in improved outcomes by treating otherwise undetected cancers, for example, former Ohio Gov. John Kasich also raised a moral argument and spoke of the need for compassion for the least fortunate. We heartily agree, and want to thank all who “chopped wood and carried water,” writing letters to our legislators to encourage this expansion.

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Heirs Property Bill. Please contact your state representatives – Representatives and Senators – andurge their support for HB367 to protect the interests of those occupying family farms and home places where joint ownership has passed from generation to generation. As North Carolina law now stands, family farms and home places can be sold out from under the people who have lived on them for generations, destroying their heritage and leaving the land open to fragmentation and development. Our current heirs property law has been a major cause of involuntary loss of family land in NC, and has had a particularly devastating impact on African Americans in rural areas.

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Progress on Gun Violence. Given the long overdue need to promote gun safety, especially in light of the numerous mass shootings which have occurred, two bills which have been in the House Rules committee since last May need our attention now.  HB 525 would enable judges to block people who pose a threat to themselves or others from possessing firearms (“red flag law”); and HB 623 would mandate permits to purchase shotguns and rifles. Look out for an action alert on these bills!

Action Alert pending

Progress on Forever Chemicals. A bill on “Forever chemicals” – aka PFAS (HB 1095) – is getting some renewed interest in the legislature, and for those who took part in our advocacy workshop back in January, there is a chance now to urge your legislators to support PFAS cleanup by polluters.

Action Alert pending

FCNCL June Newsletter

In this informative issue of the FCNCL Newsletter, you will learn:

  • Save the date for the Annual General Committee meeting
  • The status of the legislation for which we issued action alerts
  • A request from the Nominating Committee and an invitation to meetings to send representatives
  • Other ways to get involved in the work of FCNCL.

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FCNCL uses a corporate discernment process to set our lobbying agenda for North Carolina General Assembly deliberations. Now is the time to begin our next round of policy discernments for the two-year NC Legislative session beginning in January 2023.  We invite all North Carolina meetings and worship groups to help our Policy Committee determine our new legislative priorities by gathering their members together to engage in this process. For those who are new to FCNCL, we model our discernment process after that of FCNL, Friends Committee on National Legislation.

For more information, see the Letter sent to meetings and Quaker organizations.

FCNCL Minute on Antiracism

(approved at FCNCL General Committee Meeting October 2, 2021)

As we seek the Light in every person and work to influence North Carolina legislation and policies that affect human dignity and well-being, we must recognize and respond to the irrefutable evidence of continuous, vicious, systemic racism in our state, our country, and even in our faith communities. For this reason, Friends Committee on North Carolina Legislation (FCNCL) commits to vigorously and effectively promote legislation and regulations that result in racial equity and justice and to strongly oppose policies that create racial inequity and injustice. 

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You are also invited to review the exercises used to generate the FCNCL Antiracism Glossary.


In October 2020, we approved the 2021 Priorities aconsistent with our Quaker testimonies of Equality & Social Justice, Peace, and Integrity, and with our FCNCL Minute on Antiracism:

  • ELECTORAL REFORM – We support:
    • Creating an independent non-partisan commission to redraw fair maps
    • Legislation that ensures fair and free elections and upholds voting rights.
    • Measures promoting strong government ethics
    • Medicaid Expansion
    • Reproductive Rights
    • Preserving natural areas, air and water quality
    • Environmental justice
    • Preventing coal ash and concentrated animal feeding operations (CAFOs) pollution
    • Mitigating climate change, especially through clean energy and ceasing environmental policy rollbacks
    • Ending Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) raids
    • Abolishing the death penalty

FCNCL is grateful to Jane Ashley of Flower of Life Press for our logo de

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